Estate Planning

Losing a loved one is difficult for anyone. Transferring ownership of property or separating assets following the death of a loved one can be a nightmare if not handled properly.  You may have questions after someone you love passes away regarding estate planning, such as:

  • Do I need to or how do I open a succession?
  • Who gets what property?
  • Can I sell property?
  • What is a testator or a testatrix?
  • What do we do with a will?

Properly transferring ownership of property following the death of a loved one is the primary purpose of a succession.  If the person who died had a will, that will, or “testament”, will have to go through probate.  

Probate in Louisiana simply means “proving the will.”  After probate, the heirs then can start the process of petitioning the Court to transfer ownership of property and take other steps that may be necessary under the circumstances.   If the person who died does not have a will, then the heirs would skip the probate process. 

If a loved one has passed away and you have questions related to estate planning or what your options are, please call our office today at 337-406-9685.

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