Representing families in adoption cases is an honor. The choice to pursue an adoption is a lifelong process and one based on love. An adoption should always be centered around the child and should focus on the child’s best interests. Our goal is to make sure that every adoption matter is legally secure and handled professionally.

In Louisiana, there are three types of adoptions:

  • Intrafamily adoption
  • Private adoption
  • Agency adoption

Most clients that visit our law firm are for either an intrafamily adoption or a private adoption. The type of adoption that is right for you and your family depends on the facts and circumstances surrounding your adoption. A stepparent wanting to adopt his or her stepchild would adopt through an intrafamily adoption. A friend who is seeking an adoption of a child with the consent of the child’s biological parents would adopt through a private adoption. 

Intrafamily Adoptions

Many people think of an intrafamily adoption as a “stepparent adoption.”  Most intrafamily adoptions our office handles are stepparent adoptions, but intrafamily adoptions extend past stepparents. 

In an intrafamily adoption, Louisiana law allows a stepparent, step-grandparent, great-grandparent, grandparent, or “collaterals within the twelfth degree” to petition the Court in an intrafamily adoption if certain elements are met.  If you or a loved one fall in this category and are interested in an intrafamily adoption, give The Logan Law Firm, LLC a call to discuss the requirements and procedures of this type of adoption. 

Private Adoptions

Private adoptions are a wonderful way to bring loving families wishing to raise a family with a child in need together; however, the legal procedure can be complicated. Private adoptions need significant time, money and emotional energy. Therefore, we explain the process and guarantee all required documents are prepared carefully and accurately to ensure a smooth process and effective outcome.

If you have any questions related to adoptions or would like to know what your options are, please call our office today at 337-406-9685.

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